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Special Thanks

AmmoHat USA gives special thanks to Sgt. Maj. Richmond J. Nail for his service with the US Army Special Forces. Thank you for the sacrifice you have given to our country.

"The Quiet Professional"

As a tribute to this "True American Hero," we would like to Honor SGM NAIL with a special version of the AmmoHat. Please take a few minutes to read a little history about the man whose name will appear on this hat by checking out "Hard As Nail" by Janice Burton.

We have decided it is only appropriate to dedicate our first hat to this great man because he taught us so much. By way of example, he has given us a path to follow that leads us to the understanding of what it takes to be the ultimate survivalist in any given situation.

To create this tribute cap, we used authentic, USA-made, and "mil-spec" poly/cotton ripstop in a woodlands vintage tigerstripe camouflage. It was also manufactured with pride right here in the US. This is one "Bad Ass" hat that represents the one "Bad Ass" man and all the patriotism that SGM NAIL has lived and stood for in his military career.

Sgt. Maj. Richmond J. Nail

Highlights of His Military Career

  • 5th Special Forces Group
  • 82nd Airborne Division
  • 101st Airborne Division
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Skills for Every Soldier
  • John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School Instructor
  • SERE Retired
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